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When kids turn 13 they are WIRED to ignore what their parents say!

Mother nature makes children know their parents and their immediate family are so stupid that the best thing they could do is leave the family, face death on the savanna and go to another tribe. That's to prevent inbreeding of tribes of 150 people.

This is the peak fertility window from about 13 up to about 24. And that's when your parents are dumb. And when they turn 24, magically, they think, oh my God, my parents are so smart.

💎What parents need to understand, your children will listen to other children and to other parents with rapt attention.

Another parent can say what you would say and they'll hear it, but they won't hear you.

And that's normal and healthy.

So your job is to let your kids experience pain until they're about 13.

And after that, your job is to have a support system of good friends or other friends, parents who can help your kids when they don't want to come to you, and creating a safe space to come to you.

See the Video Clip HERE 

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