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What happened when my son attended his 1st Men's Circle ...

I recently had the privilege of attending the Spirit Of Man Circle with my son, and I have to say, it was a powerful experience.

This was my son's first Men's Workshop, and I could see that he was welcomed into the power and presence of great men.

The workshop lasted for about two hours and included sharing of knowledge, identifying and appreciating the King archetype, meditation, mindfulness, and several dynamic activities that connected us at Spirit.

At first, my son followed me through the activities, but with the support of other men, he found his footing and owned his own within the men's circle.

The group of about 60 men split into circles of 16 or so, and each man shared about their mask.

They talked about the mask they had been wearing, how it was affecting them, and their thoughts on the journey going forward. I saw that my son was particularly present during this, and I know that seeing and hearing men of all ages share their challenges and struggles with authenticity was real powerful for him as it was for me.

The activities in the Spirit Of Man Circle were designed to raise our vibration and provide a safe space for us to express our power and be vulnerable at the same time. It was incredible to witness men coming together in this way, being vulnerable, and supporting each other through their challenges.

Personally, I felt safe to express my masculinity in a healthy manner 100% with no fear. I felt powerful in a space filled with my brothers who were all open to the same experience. We were vulnerable and strong!

As we marched over to join the women, I had revelations about my thoughts, feelings and behaviour around women. My son there with me, we mingled with all the women, danced in celebration together... It was a beautiful energy, a wonderful experience.

The Spirit Of Man Circle and then uniting together with our beautiful sisters on Saturday at the festival was powerful as it was beautiful.

We struggled to even put into words how it felt and what happened around us and inside of us. We felt the deep and eternal knowing that they are us and we are them, and together we are strong.

In conclusion, the Spirit Of Man Circle was an incredibly transformative experience for both me and my son. It allowed us to connect with ourselves, with other men, and with women. I am grateful to the facilitators for creating a space for this to happen and to my brothers and sisters who were brave enough to participate and unite in this unique experience and contribute to this new world. If you are a father or mentor to a teenage boy, I highly recommend attending the Spirit Of Man Circle with them.

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