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My son, a "MISSING PERSON". I felt sick...

I couldn't find my 14 year old son for several days... I felt sick with worry.


As I exhausted my resources finding clues to his whereabouts and bringing him home safely, I discovered aspects of modern society and how it manipulates our youth. The ugly side, the side that most parents would not want to know about let alone have their kids involved with. - I'll spare you from the details.

On the 7th day, I reunited with my boy... a wave of emotion came over me as I gave the scruffy version of my boy a huge hug. He got in the car, (already packed for a roadie) and I drove north through the night until I was too tired to see the road... I pulled over on the road shoulder and passed out.

Extracting our family from our home town was the beginning of a month long commitment to create a healthy space away from the influences and my boy's impulse behaviour... it was a tough move however, I knew, deep in my gut, this was the best thing I could do for him, for us.

Looking back on that time on our journey, I feel grateful to all those who wrapped around us and supported us - we are here and continue to do the same for others too....


Clip: My boy winning the race to the top of Mt Welli. The journey can be bumpy however, if we continue to be intentional, lead with love and be present everyday, there's so much to enjoy and be grateful for.

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