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BRAVE Weekends Transform Teens

Life's a wild ride, especially for our teens. Amidst the whirlwind of growing up, they often find themselves caught between the desire for independence and the comfort of family. It's a dance of pushing boundaries while seeking connection. And that's where the magic of BRAVE Adventure Weekends comes into play.

Josh's Tale: A Kiwi Lad's Transformation

Meet Josh. A curious soul, much like any Kiwi teen, but often holding back, perhaps a tad unsure of himself. His weekend with us at BRAVE was nothing short of transformative. From challenging treks to deep campfire conversations, Josh embraced every bit of the adventure. But, as we often say, the real journey begins after the adventure ends.

Post-adventure, Josh's spirit truly shone. Morning ice plunges became his ritual, and he even roped in his dad for jogging sessions. Today, he's not just a teen exploring the world; he's a young man confidently charting his path, muscles and all!

Why BRAVE Adventure Weekends?

  • 🌊 Journey Beyond Boundaries: It's not just about the activities; it's about pushing personal limits, discovering hidden strengths, and embracing the Kiwi spirit of adventure.

  • 🌌 Elevate Life Together: These weekends are more than just getaways. They're transformative experiences that enrich the soul and strengthen family bonds.

  • 🍖 Embrace Your Inner Power: Like Josh, every teen has an extraordinary spirit waiting to surface. Our adventures act as catalysts, sparking transformations that resonate long after the weekend.

Your Whānau's Turn

Every teen, every family has a unique journey waiting to be discovered and celebrated. If you've been seeking an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, that leaves a lasting impact, we invite you to explore the BRAVE Adventure Weekends.

Here's to more tales of transformation, growth, and the indomitable Kiwi spirit! 🌟

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