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Father and Son Multi-Sports and Adventure Weekend

Life For Today's Teenagers Is Complex

When you grew up, the hard times defined who you were.  As a result of your hard work and commitment, you've managed to create an environment for your son to live, learn, and succeed in life. 

Today's society however, presents many new challenges and teenage boys are struggling. In addition to all you provide, teenage boys need good men and women who can actively and adequately guide them through their most challenging life transition. Without this ...

"....they run the risk of building an identity based on guess work from peers, borrowed images, media stereotypes and the fantastical heroes of popular culture."

Boys need guidance and clear direction to develop a healthy vision of their new role as young men, otherwise, they may never grow out of their boyish behavior.


In some cases, it’s even possible they could succumb to negative influences that can lead to withdrawal from family and school, aggression, addiction, and mental health issues.

Guide your son on his transition from boy behavior to become a respectful, healthy, considerate & confident young man

Although most men are aware that they need to do something to help their boys make this transition, many have no idea WHEN or WHERE to begin. Some try to gather friends, work out a program but balk at the reality of spending $2-5,000 just for the logistics and accommodation. Others know what they want to teach their sons but feel unqualified and still, some men simply get overwhelmed by the skills they feel need to be covered like;   

  • Physical changes

  • Mental health

  • Physical Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Sexual development

  • Core values 

  • Having a vision

  • Developing goals

  • Discovering purpose

  • Accountability, ownership

The truth is that any reason you give yourself for not taking action is really an excuse. It's either you run the risk of him building an identity based on guesswork from peers, borrowed images, media stereotypes, and the fantastical heroes of popular culture OR, you can Take Action!

  The good news is, the moment you sign up for Bros retreats or ROP programs, you'll begin an intentional journey that eliminates excuses and establishes communication with your son for his journey to becoming a young man.   


Father & Son Adventure

We welcome you and your son to join our Father and Son adventure weekend. 


This is a special weekend designed to provide a unique and meaningful outdoor experience that will strengthen the bond between fathers and sons. This weekend retreat has specific goals and objectives (below) We expect that this will be one of the defining moments in a boy’s life and we sincerely hope that his life and the lives of everyone around him will be significantly enhanced.

BROS THUMBS Father and Son.png


It’s not so much the length of time, but the fact that during that time the focus is completely on the process of becoming an adult. This doesn’t all happen over the weekend, but marking the change symbolically has a significant effect. It can only take a few hours to be born, getting married only takes a few minutes and getting your driver’s license can take a very short time but no one ever forgets these times. These important times are the markers that tell us, and those around us, where we are on the path of our life. 

Adventure Weekend - Goals

Adventure Weekend: A Great Beginning.

Goals and Objectives:


  • To foster greater connection and communication between fathers and sons through shared outdoor experiences and activities.

  • To develop self-confidence, motivation, and grit in young men by providing them with challenging outdoor adventures.

  • To promote teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving skills through outdoor sports and activities.

  • To encourage participants to appreciate and respect the natural environment and wildlife.

  • To provide a safe and supportive environment for fathers and sons to bond and create lasting memories together.

camp father and son_edited.jpg

Expected Outcomes:

  • Improved communication and cooperation between fathers and sons.

  • Increased self-confidence, motivation, and grit in young men.

  • Improved problem-solving skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

  • Greater appreciation and respect for the natural environment and wildlife.

  • Lasting memories and strengthen relationships between fathers and sons.


The adventure weekend is an outdoor adventure. As such, dads and sons need to be mindful that it can get cold, hot even rainy. 

Sleeping arrangements

  • We will be staying at "The Lodge" overnight. This consists of two living quarters. One main house (two stories for the men and the other house "Surf Lodge" (bunks and beds for the Sons. Bring a sleeping bag.  

Food & Water

  • Ample food will be provided as outlined by the mentors.   

  • Water: Each father and son will be responsible to bring their own water bottle and a good supply of water for refilling


  • Water ONLY! 

  • Food. Excluding your personal supply of fruit & nuts, NO junk food will be allowed during the retreat.

  • Excluding Fathers after the Sons go off to bed, this is a PHONE-FREE EVENT.

matiu haka 4_edited_edited.jpg


  • Good sleeping bag is best, optional pillow, otherwise a sheet and duvet and blanket work fine; an optional old blanket for sitting by the fire.

  • Personal toiletries & clothing: long pants, shorts, T-shirts, socks, 2 towels, swimwear o Warm clothes - jacket / jersey / fleece/ polypro under clothing etc

  • Wet weather gear - water proof jacket & pants - gumboots if you have them

  • Footwear for walking / tramping and a spare pair of shoes

  • Older clothes that can get messy are a good idea

  • Optional: Acoustic - drums, rattles, flutes, didgeridoo's etc

  • Sacred or special objects to help you to represent your self/spirit


  • Money, wallets, clocks, watches, electric music players of any kind, cell phones, alcohol or other drugs.

  • Don't bring soda, snacks, processed foods

Father & Son Multi-Sports + Adventure Weekend

All-Inclusive Weekend Adventure

Committed To The Highest Standards

Safeguarding our youth

The wellbeing and ability for our youth to engage in classes, courses and retreats requires that their safety and welfare is covered too. Youth have the right to be free from harm and abuse. Child safeguarding is the set of actions that organisations can take to keep them safe from harm. ​ Child protection is an essential part of safeguarding and refers to the action taken in response to a specific concern for a child or children who may be suffering or is/are at risk of suffering harm or abuse. It requires referral to specialised child protection services, law enforcement agencies and expert local organisations that are trained to provide advice. ​ There are some laws in New Zealand that regulate child safety and we comply with and refer to those laws where appropriate.

"Working with children and youth is a privilege. They have a fundamental right to be safe."

We've assembled a group of men whom I respect and who live lives of high moral authority. You're in good hands with us.

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 Matiu Te Huki 

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  Will Watson  


  Rayna Love  

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 Hanson Barry 


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