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Advetures To Empower Families So They Can, Thrive!

Life For Today's Teenagers Is Complex

When you grew up, the hard times defined who you were.  As a result of your hard work and commitment, you've managed to create an environment for your son to live, learn, and succeed in life. 

Today's society however, presents many new challenges and teenage boys are struggling. In addition to all you provide, teenage boys need good men and women who can actively and adequately guide them through their most challenging life transition. Without this ...

"....they run the risk of building an identity based on guess work from peers, borrowed images, media stereotypes and the fantastical heroes of popular culture."

Boys need guidance and clear direction to develop a healthy vision of their new role as young men, otherwise, they may never grow out of their boyish behavior.


In some cases, it’s even possible they could succumb to negative influences that can lead to withdrawal from family and school, aggression, addiction, and mental health issues.

Guide your son on his transition from boy behavior to become a respectful, healthy, considerate & confident young man

Although most men are aware that they need to do something to help their boys make this transition, many have no idea WHEN or WHERE to begin. Some try to gather friends, work out a program but balk at the reality of spending $2-5,000 just for the logistics and accommodation. Others know what they want to teach their sons but feel unqualified and still, some men simply get overwhelmed by the skills they feel need to be covered like;   

  • Physical changes

  • Mental health

  • Physical Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Sexual development

  • Core values 

  • Having a vision

  • Developing goals

  • Discovering purpose

  • Accountability, ownership

The truth is that any reason you give yourself for not taking action is really an excuse. It's either you run the risk of him building an identity based on guesswork from peers, borrowed images, media stereotypes, and the fantastical heroes of popular culture OR, you can Take Action!

  The good news is, the moment you sign up for BrosJourney activities, retreats or ROP programs, you'll begin an intentional journey that eliminates excuses and establishes communication with your son for his journey to becoming a young man.   

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We've Got Your Back

There comes a time when asking for help makes a lot of sense. 

Kia ora, I'm Hanson, a single parent of two teenage boys. Welcome to BrosJourney. As the founder of this New Zealand-based life skills and adventure learning provider, I understand the unique challenges of raising a healthy, happy, and self-confident young man. With a track record of empowering well over 100,000 kids through our life skills and adventure programs, we've witnessed the transformative impact it can have on their focus, motivation, and resilience.

If your son is at that crucial stage of coming of age, where his attitude, behavior, and relationships are being tested, BrosJourney is here to help. Our mission is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a deeper connection and effective communication as he grows into the remarkable young man he is destined to be. We believe in the power of guiding young men through their journey to manhood, and we are committed to supporting parents like you in this important endeavor.

Adventures, Camps + Rites Of Passage

Epic Experiences Your Son Will Remember FOREVER

Camp Fire     Sports    Music     Breathwork     Meditation     Yoga     Self Defence     Team Challenges     Sacred Haka     Reflections     Vision Quest     Trekking    Journaling      Healthy Masculinity      Nutrition      Self discipline  Skateboarding   Surfing    Rockwall Climbing   


Over the course of a "retreat" or Rite Of Passage", the boys will join mental, and physical activities, challenges, song, storytelling, and sharing to understand and connect with self, and learn essential skills to transition into manhood.

They will explore their heritage, and family values, discover their best selves and learn essential life skills and knowledge necessary to transition from boy behavior, into respectful, healthy, considerate & confident EMPOWERED young men.

  Our Role  

BrosJourney provides retreats, rites of passage, camps and related programs for teenage boys as they transition from boy behavior, into respectful, healthy, considerate, and confident young men.


"A modern-day rite of passage is achieved when parents and the community create and participate in experiences which are perceived to be transformative by youth and, in fact, offer them increased status within the community and facilitate their healthy transition through adolescence(Blumenkrantz, 1996, p. 21). Van Gennep (1909/1960) 



"Raising Remarkable Young Men"

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 Your Mentors 

We've assembled a group of men whom I respect and who live lives of high moral authority. You're in good hands with us.

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 Matiu Te Huki 

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  Will Watson  


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 Hanson Barry 


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