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Unleash Your Son's Potential: BRAVE's Multi-Sport & Adventure CAMP !

The Ultimate 4-Day-Nite, Multi-Sports & Adventure Camp For 8-13yr Boys

Kia Ora, Kiwi Whānau! Is Your Son Ready for a REAL Kiwi Adventure?


If your lad's biggest expedition is a 'tiki tour' to the fridge or if he disappears into the abyss of mobile phones and games, then this might be a tad adventurous. But if he's the spirited kind, always up for a challenge and a good laugh, then this camp maybe just what he needs.

We get it. They're at that age – itching to explore beyond the backyard, eager to make new mates, and ready to embrace the Kiwi way of life to the fullest. That's where our 4-Day Multi-Sports & Adventure Camp comes in. First up, you've done the hard yards, instilling in him your family values; now let us take the baton. We're here to ensure he 'gives it heaps', playing, learning and developing life skills while creating memories that'll last a lifetime.


A Game-Changer for Kiwi Families!

 For your Son, I
It's an opportunity to dive deep into a world of adventure, discovery, and personal growth. He'll come back with not just tales of fun, but with newfound confidence, resilience, and a bunch of life skills that'll serve him well.


 For you? 
It's the peace of mind knowing he's in safe hands, gaining invaluable experiences, and embracing the true Kiwi spirit. Plus, imagine the joy of seeing him thrive, grow, and share his adventures with the family!

Safe & Thrilling Multi-Sports and Adventures!

  •  Surf's Up!  Whether you're a newbie or a pro, our surfing sessions cater to all. Learn, refine, and ride the waves with expert guidance.

  •  SUP Sessions:  Balance, endurance, and a whole lot of fun await with our Stand-Up Paddleboarding adventures.

  •  Skateboarding: From park to street to bowls, master the art of skating or learn the basics with our tailored sessions.

  •  Climbing & Caving:  Traverse the bush, climb heights, explore safe caves - both thrilling and enlightening.

  •  Water Fun:  With spring in full swing, diving and swimming become the campers' favorite pastime.

  •  Ball Sports Galore:  Whether it's tennis, basketball, soccer, or dodgeball, we've got it all. Game on!

  •  Trekking Missions:  Explore the beauty of beaches, hilltops, and forests as you embark on memorable treks.

  •  Brave Journey:  Boys review their current daily habits, learn skills which help them develop greater mindfulness, self confidence and grit.